We have our own workshop in front of our home. Visitors can observe our work and listen to the story about reindeer. Ari is a specialist of making Lappish traditional hand-made products using reindeer antler and wood. Irene will teach you how to make your own souvenir from reindeer antler, traditional woven ribbons, etc.

After making your own souvenir, you can visit our home and have coffee, tea, berry juice and sweetbread made by Irene.

We tell interesting stories during this coffee break.


The secret of reindeer antler

A popular program we arrange is The Secret of Reindeer Antler. Using example items, Irene and Ari Kangasniemi tell of established traditions and the reindeer antler work currently being made at Kangasniemi, as well as describing reindeer antler working in general. After the demonstration, everyone will have the opportunity to make their own souvenir from reindeer antler. At the same time, visitors may familiarise themselves with a Lappish log-built home.

Reindeer antler has always been a raw material for Lappish utility and decorative items. Reindeer antler is an ecological material, as the reindeer sheds its antlers every year. At the company Decorative & Artistic handicrafts A. Kangasniemi, the main raw material used is reindeer antler. The company wants to maintain and preserve handicraft traditions of working with reindeer antler. By visiting our workshop, you can see how reindeer antler is worked, and you too will have the opportunity to make your own souvenir from Lapland’s typical raw material.

Please note that visits must be booked by telephone or e-mail in advance. You can order the program from a safari company or from our travel company partners.



(4-5 persons)
  *200ml glass as a measure
1/2  glass egg
1/2  glass sugar
1/2  glass wheat flour
1/4  glass potato flour
1      tea spoon baking powder
50g  butter


Ohjelmapalvelukuva SARVEN SALAISUUS otsikon yhteyteen

sarven salaisuus hornwork kangasniemi