Our company’s products are utility and decorative articles made from reindeer horns, willow root burls, snags and reindeer skins.

Our main raw material is reindeer horns, which are ecological and a material renewed from year to year.

Utility and decorative items have traditionally been made out of reindeer horns. We combine Lapland’s natural materials with reindeer horns in many products. We wish to nurture the old horn and antler tradition.

Sheath knife hilt of reindeer horn and goat willow root burl

The knife-sheath is made of horn and leather. The sheath is jigsawed, engraved or burn-drawn. The blade is made of carbon steel.


Traditional Lapland drums

These drums are made in keeping with the models of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

As the model for the drums, traditional Lapland drums from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as well as the pictorial designs used on them are utilized. The drums are entirely handmade.

Baby drum (height ~20 cm)
Junior drum (height ~32 cm)
Medium-sized drum (height ~40 cm)
Large-sized drum (height ~50 cm)



Collector’s edition all-bone sheath knives

Sheath knife hilt and sheath of reindeer antler.

The blades of the sheath knives are made of carbon steel. The decorations on the sheaths are manually engraved.

Salt cups and sugar bowls

Made from birch burl and reindeer antler.

Product description: The model for the shape of these cups is a reindeer milking cup called a ‘Naappu’.



Reindeer antler spoons

Reindeer antler spoons themed for the various areas of Lapland.
Reindeer antler spoons are made according to traditional models.

Story about this spoon >>


Chandeliers made of reindeer antlers are made to order.


Pendants & jewellery made from reindeer antler

We also make a variety of pendants and jewellery using reindeer antler.


Window dressing service

Window dressing to order for public and private facilities.

We design and realize window dressings in accordance with the customer’s wishes, either by planning them together with the customer or as ready window dressing packages from design to realization. The Lappish spirit in particular can be seen in our designs, because we work with available materials from the nature of Lapland.

You can see what we do with our window dressings by viewing the following link:

Lappi Restaurant in Helsinki