hornwork kangasniemi rovaniemi lapland reindeer hornwork sarvilusikatSpoon from Western Lapland

There is this story about this spoon:

There was an old reindeer owner. He had a beautiful daughter. The daughter fell in love with a young reindeerherd, who worked for her father. This young man  also loved the girl. Father did not want to give his daughter to his herd. He gave her to an rich reindeer owner. The young man in despair went to the mountains and the whole winter he worked making a gift to his girl.

This gift was a spoon showing the girl:
There is the curly hair, instead of the face there are flowers, there are the arms with bracelets, and the skirt.
The girl married the rich old man who soon had spent all his money.  Being an old woman she only had this spoon in her box.

This spoon is made after old pieces of reindeer horn.
The original model is in National Museum in Helsinki